The West End Neighbourhood Association of North Bay Protecting the Tenth Street Right-Of-Way

For more than 70 years, people all over the west end of North Bay have been experiencing our best green space via the trail at Tenth Street. This route provides safe access to our beautiful lakefront. Now, it's blocked, without consultation.

It promotes mental health and activity.

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Your Support Is Needed

Green space should remain accessible

For generations, families, toddlers, babies in strollers, seniors, dogs and an entire community has been exploring our natural beauty -- a special part of Lake Nipissing via the Tenth Street right-of-way. On October 12 the Ottawa Valley Railway erected a locked gated fence obstructing the Tenth street access to the west end’s only green space and our closest water access. A group of concerned citizens is organizing to have this historic right-of-way restored.

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Join 275 Citizens on the Petition

There's power in numbers. Put your name on our petition to help push for the removal of the fence blocking the 10th Street right of way.